About Us

Bhaskar R T
Bhaskar R T has a rich experience of 25 years in the logistics industry. He is considered as an expert in Custom Act and other allied act. He has an indepth Knowledge on custom tariff which enables him to offer expert advise to the exporters and importers on tariff related matters, import trade control regulations etc. He is wllversed with India's governing laws such as Custom Act, Custom Notification and Policies, Labor Law, Law of Tort, Indian Penal Code and the Constitution of India. It is his hardwork that has made ' SHABARI GROUP' at the forefront of logisitics service today. He strongly believes expansion and exploration, and therefore constantly strives to diversify his company in various verticals of Logistics Trade. His forte is to create markets for his company which has bought global recognition.. His persistence on quality on quality, impeccable execution and customer satisfaction had led SHABARI GROUP to enjoy an excellent reputation. His leadership and passion have become the hall marks for the company. He has always strived towards customer satisfaction by giving topnotch quality service.

Kanchan R Bhaskar
Kanchan R Bhaskar young and dynamic person an accomplished professional with rich cross functional experience is proficient in leading teams for ensuring the growth of all companies he has been associated with so far. He secures his education in export management and marketing. He is a diploma holder of IIFF from Indian Institute of freight forwarders. He takes the mantle of looking after the forwarding wing of SHABARI GROUP. He has a vast experience into Logistics and Procurement and investment Banking which gives him an added advantage. He specializes in various dimensions of Global logistics Accounts, Quality leader with proven skills in leading teams for logistics Business. He is considered a through professional with foresight, clarity in thinking, make him an ideal business leader in Logistics Trade.