About Us
Why Shabari

Shabari International helps in the following key areas of business, which thereby facilitate growth and development of the company.

These key concerns involve:
Time-frame, Budget and Quality oriented service:  Shabari International  addresses your time-sensitive transportation requirements in a cost effective manner without the quality of service being suffered.

Qualified Agents: Our qualified professionals will tackle your every concern from shipment to warehousing, from consolidation to deconsolidation, from cargo distribution to freight forwarding. Your concern is Our concern.

Personalised service:  Today's being a networked economy, we at Shabari International Clearing & Shipping Agency, offer you the benefit of personalised service that helps in tackling problems with customised solutions and minimal risk.

Enhanced productivity:  In Business, networking is the core area that helps keep information flowing to the right people at the right time. Our well-integrated team at Shabari International ensures that our customers and employees are always productive.